Bennett Is 6 Months! {Greencastle, PA Family Photography}

I have had the privilege of photographing Bennett and his parents since he was born.  What a wonderful family!!  Bennett is so full of joy and has a fun personality already 🙂

Frieda and Bryan have been a pleasure to work with and are lucky to have such a sweet little man!

Take a look at some of Bennett’s photos from his 6 month photo session in Greencastle, PA:

Look Mom!  I caught a cat!! lol

What a handsome little guy!

Those eyes!!

This next shot was so funny of Bennett and his Dad!

Frieda and Bryan you have a beautiful family!! I look forward to Bennett’s 9 month session!

Cayris 13 Year Shoot {Fayetteville, PA Child Photography}

I never thought I would get old enough to have a teenage daughter or son LOL!  When I was younger I thought wow, I am really going to be old when I have a kid my age.  Well, today (3/16/13) I enjoyed watching my daughter being 12 for one more day.  Turning 13 is only one more year but it is a step closer to not being little anymore.  As my eyes fill with tears I now realize I have to let go a little bit more and even though it hurts I have to know that my God will be with her every step of the way.  Excited for her future and yet knowing she will be challenged and may get hurt.  The scripture that always comes back to me is Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  This helps me to not fear and trust she will make the right decisions when she needs to.

On another note, I want  to encourage all you parents out there to have your daughter’s and son’s photos done professionally.  Cayris is pretty shy now a days until you really get to know her.  Then, she is full of laughter and confidence!  When I talked with Cayris about doing this photo session she really didn’t want to do it.  She didn’t think she had anything to wear.  What girl doesn’t think that LOL.  We were to do two shoots.  One at the location below and one downtown Hagerstown or another location.  We haven’t been able to do that one yet.  When it was the day of this shoot she picked out her outfit.  I wasn’t liking her choice of shoes.  I tried to convince her to wear something other than her converse.  But, she insisted that is what she wanted to wear.  She also wanted her jeans under the dress for a few shots.  Hmmm, I was ok with that.  It looked kind of cool.  When, we went to the location of the shoot, she was confident and full of showing who Cayris really is!  I want to encourage parents to allow your child to express themselves and let them wear something that they pick out at least for part of the shoot.  I also think doing a professional photo session truly builds their confidence and can benefit them and also you as the parent, it helps you discover a little bit more of who they really are.  Cayris came away from this shoot confident and excited to see the photos.

Ok, enough of the parenting 101.  Who am I to say what to do except of going by the experiences that I go through with my own kids.  Below is part of the photo session.  Please, take a look at Cayris’ shoot.  She is sweet and beautiful.  I think I am allowed to say that about my own daughter right?


Gwen’s Sweet Valentine Smile {Fayetteville, PA Children Photography}

Gwen is one of my neighbors and I have to say I feel quite spoiled to have her and her family right next door!  Besides them being super fantastic people, Gwen’s mom is a designer and has designed several marketing pieces for me and is currently designing some to give out to my customers on the different types of photography I do.  I am super excited about it!  Check her out here: Set The Tone Design on FB!  I will post my marketing materials when they are done but that is for another blog post.

Take a look at Gwen’s sweet Valentine smile and our quick Valentine’s shoot.  She truly has one awesome personality!


I couldn’t believe that Gwen did all of these next poses and I have to say she did quite well!  She LOVES being a “model” 🙂

These next shots are during her “concert” she gave to me and her mom.  I am telling you she has got some talent!  She literally sang a song that she made up for atleast 3-5 minutes.  What a priceless moment for her mom ;’)

Here Gwen wanted to dress up as a ballerina…too cute 🙂

We got lucky to have some snow shots!

Thank you Gwen, Jenny and Greg for allowing me to take her shots!  It was so much fun and you truly have an amazingly talented girl!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Steph Stahl, 2nd Winner Thankfulness Giveaway {Chambersburg, PA Family Photography}

When entering someone for the Thankfulness Giveaway you also got a chance to receive a photo session and DVD of your photos.  We used a random generator with all who entered.  Their were six who entered someone for the giveaway.  Steph Stahl was number 5.  She had the number that the random generator chose.

I knew that her and her family were a beautiful family but my goodness!  So photogenic!  But wait, their hearts are even more beautiful 🙂  Love this family!  I had so many great shots of them that I will be doing two blog posts.  One of their daughter and family pics and one of just Steph and Wes Stahl.

Take a look at some of my fav’s from Lorelei and family pics from this session.

She looks like a little doll.  So cute!

Proud parents!

Love this Daddy daughter shot 🙂


Emma Eshleman {Chambersburg, PA Child Photography}

I have had the priviledge of photographing Emma Eshleman for about 3 years now.  I absolutely love photographing her.  She is a natural in front of the camera.  Not only that but she is as sweet as ever!  Thank you Jennifer and Doug for allowing me the opportunity to photograph Emma.

Below you will see some shots from Emma’s shoot.  I actually took the plunge in making the banners you will see in the photos.  Not too bad for my first time 🙂  The wonderful headband is from Sewing Samurai.