Daddy Daughter Date {Family Photography, Hagerstown, PA}

Brian Baine had asked me to photograph a special Daddy Daughter Date that him and his daughter, Jade were going to go on.  Oh my goodness this session was so wonderful to photograph.  The Baines are good hearted people and what an awesome thing to do for your daughter Brian!  Audrey and Brian both take their kids out on dates.  I think that is such an important thing to do as a parent.  They will remember it for the rest of their lives.  I know I did.

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Steph Stahl’s Maternity Session {Maternity Photography, Chambersburg, PA}

If you know Steph Stahl you know that she loves snow!  Well, I do also and after having a blizzard come to Chambersburg, PA with over 30″ of snow I knew Steph would be super happy that we could do a maternity session before having her third.  I was more than excited to do this session for her and it was beautiful!  Take a look at some of my favorites…  View full post »

Senior Rep – Alexis Lohr {Senior Photography, Shippensburg, PA}

Alexis Lohr is a senior rep for Just Wright Photography.  She is a SASHS student in Shippensburg, PA and is a cheerleader.  Can I just say how sweet and gorgeous she is? I mean popular in school, a cheerleader and is still as sweet as ever?  Wow, that is just so awesome!  I was honored to have her be apart of my senior rep team!

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Senior Questionnaire


Have Fun Being a Senior Rep!

This will be my forth year having senior reps. I am super excited this year as I am only choosing a few to be apart of my team. Why? Because I feel like its important to spoil my team a little bit as they will be working for me to help bring some seniors to get their photo session with Just Wright Photography. What kind of spoiling do you ask? Shopping spree, gift cards and an end of year celebration shoot! Sound like fun? I think so too! Take a few minutes and fill out the questionnaire below. I will choose the senior reps by November 30th, 2016. Please know that we will do two photo sessions that you will get to have digital images and you get to choose which ones.  Lots of fun ideas in store!! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! View full post »

Time to Yourself = More Creativity {Photography- Personal Blog}

Today, I am writing about a subject that I feel is super important not just for photographers.  You may think its selfish and a waste of time especially if you are already busy but I beg you to revisit that thought.

2015 has been so amazing for my business!  I was blessed with photographing some dream weddings and all of them were destination weddings.  One was in Alabama!  I was humbled and kind of in awe of what came of this past year.  God truly surprised me and those who are reading this who are my clients, THANK YOU!  Seriously,  I am not just saying this. View full post »