Spring Giveaway 2013 {Franklin County, Giveaway Photography}

Spring Giveaway 2013!!  

It’s SPRING!!  YAY!!  Are you ready for the warmer weather?  Well, it looks like starting this weekend we are going to finally feel the spring temps!  Time for Spring photo sessions 🙂  What better way to kick off the season than a giveaway right?

Ok, here is the scoop!  If Just Wright Photography reaches 500 likes, there will be TWO winners!!  The top two who refer the most fans to our Facebook page will receive a 1 hour photo session at a location with in an hour of Chambersburg, PA.  12-15 high resolution images on DVD are included.

If Just Wright Photography reaches OVER 500 likes on Facebook there will also be one random winner who will receive 3 photo sessions to use with in one year!  This includes 10 high resolution images from each photo session.

If Just Wright Photography does not reach 500 likes on Facebook the fan who refers the most fans to our Facebook page will receive a photo session with 12-15 high res. images on DVD.

Why would we give away so much?  We value you as our customer and we want to give back to you for referring our page!  Having professional quality images is super important and we are excited to be able to giveaway some sessions and images to some lucky winners!

How will this work?  When someone “likes” Just Wright Photography that you have referred, have them put that you sent them.  With out this info we won’t know who to give the credit to.  So, make sure they mention your first and last name!!

Lets put this in steps:

Step 1: Go “like” Just Wright Photography.  (If you are already a fan, Cool!)

Step 2: Come back here and type under the comments that you “liked” our FB page or are already a fan.  Don’t forget to mention which friend sent you just in case they did.

Step 3: Share this blog post and our Facebook post about this giveaway on your timeline on Facebook or email people so they know about the giveaway.

Step 4: Like this blog post please 🙂

Step 5: Have the people who were sent by you mention HERE below in the comments under this blog post that you sent them.

All winnners must use their photo sessions by June 1st, 2013!!  Any questions?  Please, email: justwrightphoto@homtail.com

This giveaway will end at midnight on April 12th, 2013.  Don’t delay! Share this giveaway and rack up your likes!  We will announce the winners on April 15th, 2013 on our Facebook page.

I can’t wait to see who the winners will be!!!

Here is some of my work:

Good Luck!!  You have until April 12th at midnight!!

Steph Stahl Thankfulness Giveaway Winner {Chambersburg, PA Family Photography}

Steph Stahl was one of the Thankfulness Giveaway winners.  There were so many great shots that I wanted to be able to show them in two blog posts.  Click HERE to see the other post.

Steph and Wes Stahl are so photogenic and they have hearts of gold.  I was so excited to see their shots!   Take a look at Steph and her husband Wes…

Thank you Steph for participating in the Giveaway and for allowing me to take you and your family’s photos!  Beautiful inside and out!!



Steph Stahl, 2nd Winner Thankfulness Giveaway {Chambersburg, PA Family Photography}

When entering someone for the Thankfulness Giveaway you also got a chance to receive a photo session and DVD of your photos.  We used a random generator with all who entered.  Their were six who entered someone for the giveaway.  Steph Stahl was number 5.  She had the number that the random generator chose.

I knew that her and her family were a beautiful family but my goodness!  So photogenic!  But wait, their hearts are even more beautiful 🙂  Love this family!  I had so many great shots of them that I will be doing two blog posts.  One of their daughter and family pics and one of just Steph and Wes Stahl.

Take a look at some of my fav’s from Lorelei and family pics from this session.

She looks like a little doll.  So cute!

Proud parents!

Love this Daddy daughter shot 🙂


Thankfulness Giveaway Winner {Chambersburg, PA Family Photography}

Thank you to all who nominated someone for the Thankfulness Giveaway!  I was truly touched by all of the stories of who you were thankful for and why.  Unfortunately, I could only choose one.   Let me introduce to you a Mother and Father who gave up so much so that their kids could do more.  Read their story:

“I am writing to nominate my mother and father as who I am thankful for.  My parents have worked diligently ever since I was a child to guarantee that I would not have to work as hard as they do to be successful.  They forwent fancy cars, things, clothes to ensure that they could afford to pay for my brother and I’s college.  Neither of my parents had college degrees until my mother lost her job of 25 years and had to return to earn an associates degree.  We were raised in a house hold where monetary things were not of importance, but rather the time that was spent with family.  They ensured that my brother and I had every opportunity available even though this meant that they went without for many years.  My mother’s dream was to always babysit her grandchildren. Now that she has a granddaughter she quit her job to follow through on that dream, even though it meant they did with less still.  My parents have done everything they can for their children as best they knew how.  We never had a family vacation together or family photos done.  I would love for my parents to have an opportunity for my parents to have a family photo session for themselves as well as with the apple of their eye, their granddaughter.  They have blessed our family in more ways then one through life lessons, spending special time with their granddaughter even after working a 14 hour day, and being the rock for our extended family as well.  I hope that through this contest they can be blessed in return for the love they show to others.”

What a wonderful example of how we need to keep time with family the focus especially during the holiday season.  Thank you Stephanie for entering your parents in the Thankfulness Giveaway! Also, thank you Dave and Debbie Ocker for being such amazing parents and grandparents!!

Here are some shots from their photo session:

You can just see the love that they have for their grandchild in these photos.  Thank you Dave and Debbie for being YOU!


Jonathan and Cassie Shughart {Newburg, PA Wedding Photography}

Last year around this time I was asked to be apart of a wedding show at Lily Hollow.  A new location to have weddings ceremonies and receptions.  I had a contest going on that we would pick an entry out of a container for a discount on the best wedding package.  Cassie had entered her and her fiance’, Jonathan’s name.  Well, they won!

This past September 30th, 2012 Jonathan and Cassie Shughart celebrated their wedding day.  The day started out beautiful and full of sunshine and warmth.  Right before the wedding was to start, it started to rain.  Cassie wasn’t sure weather to have the ceremony in the rain or take it inside.  They got married in the rain.  I was amazed by how strong Cassie was to hold it together even though it was raining.  They had a wonderful ceremony and it showed how strong their love was for each other through it all.  They were so into each other it could have been a blizzard and you wouldn’t know it!  So awesome!!

A BIG thank you to my assistant Wayne Dutrow and our other umbrella holders 🙂  You all did a wonderful job!

Below you will see some photos of their wedding day. The wedding was located at the beautiful Highland Vue Farms.

Some details before getting ready…



Caught the flower girl patiently waiting in line to go to the ceremony so she can do her part.  I just happen to look over through the door that had a curtain on it in the dressing area looking outside.