Oliver 5 Days Young {Chambersburg, PA Newborn Photography}

It was surprisingly sunny on this wonderful newborn session day in Chambersburg, PA as it had been so cloudy. I was super excited to do this shoot as I just love newborns! Oliver was just as adorable as I thought he would be. When I first got to hold him I couldn’t help but selfishly hold him a little longer than I should as he kept staring into my eyes like he was truly trying to find out who I was. I was captivated by his gentle peace and amazing sweetness. Amanda and Chris are so blessed with a wonderful home and a 15 month old Kinzee! She is full of life and heart melting smiles. I was in for a wonderful session and as you will see below it was a true blessing to photograph this wonderful family!!

Kinzee was just too cute during this shoot! ¬†Capturing her was so fun!! ūüôā


Oliver was bright eyed and I was so excited to see his eyes open for his photos!

Daddy’s love! ¬†So evident in these shots!!

The love of a Mamma is so precious and golden. ¬†Amanda’s heart shows through these photos…

This next shot I would call “Fierce Love”.

His hair!!

Congrats Wong family and welcome little Oliver ūüôā


Maria Balan’s Quinceanera {Chambersburg, PA Quinceanera Photography}

This was my first time at a Quinceanera.  I had heard of them before and knew some of what is was all about.  This is a celebration for a 15 year old girl in the Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American cultures.  Some of the traditions of a Quinceanera start with a religious ceremony followed by a reception.  There is food, music and in most a choreographed dance or waltz done by the Quinceanera and her court which consist of special people in her life.  She is usually dressed in a ball gown and the court in tuxedos or gowns.

It is customary for the Quinceanera to receive a Tiara, Cross, Bible or Prayer Book and Rosary. ¬†Other accessories that they might receive are a Flower Bouquet, Cake, The Last Doll, Guest Book, Photo Album, Ring, Shoes and Guest Favors. ¬†Please take a look at some of Maria’s photos of her special night. ¬†It was raining but it didn’t stop us from getting some great shots through out and at the end of the evening!

Maria’s beautiful dress!

The ceremony and reception were located at the wonderful Chambersburg Country Club.

This little guy stole my heart that night ūüėČ

Maria, you are so beautiful!

There was a lot of emotion as Maria’s Dad was giving her her new shoes and ring.

These next few shots were outside in the rain. ¬†It wasn’t raining a lot but just enough to give the rain effect in the background. ¬†Many said it looks like stars.

Congratulations to you Maria! ¬†Best wishes to you!! ūüôā

Nicole and Herman’s Engagement Session {Chambersburg, PA Engagement Photography}

Nicole and Herman are such easy going fun people to be around and I am so blessed that Tina Flohr referred me to them!! ¬†Thanks Tina!! ¬†I scouted out the location for part of this shoot and found an amazing spot! ¬†Please, take a look at Nicole and Herm’s engagement session…

You both did a fabulous job! ¬†Congratulations and I can’t wait to be apart of your special day!!


Pretty Faces by Sasha {Business of the Month Fayetteville, PA}

Have you ever met a business professional that may just be starting out but you absolutely know with out a doubt that they are going to be going places?  Well, I have to say, Sasha Arnett is definitely one of those people!  I found out about her at The Strawberry Hill  where she sells whimsical accessories.  I was looking for a hair clip for a photo shoot.  She was able to make something from scratch in about 2 days!  I remember thinking what awesome customer service!!

When I saw that Sasha had started her makeup business, Pretty Faces by Sasha and had a website,¬†http://www.sashaarnett.wix.com/makeupartist¬†I HAD to feature her as a business of the month and you can go to that feature here: ¬†Business of the Month. ¬†Having a good product or service to sell is one thing but having amazing customer service is really what makes a business grow and become successful at least in my opinion. ¬†I contacted Sasha to do a photo session during a time that she would be doing makeup for a client. ¬†Last week we did the photo shoot with Jacinta. ¬†I did not do much editing to the photos. ¬†I didn’t need to! ¬†Beautiful face and awesome makeup artist= fabulous shots! ¬†Please, enjoy some beautiful shots of Jacinta and an interview with Sasha Arnett. ¬†Please, like Sasha’s page: Pretty Faces by Sasha and give her some love in the comments under this blog post and on her FB page!

What are your favorite things to do?

What’s my word limit for this question? ¬†In all honesty,¬†¬†I love to do many things, including making crafts with my kiddos, gardening, painting, photography, listening to music, cooking and baking, mowing the lawn (YES! ¬†It’s relaxing), reading gossip magazines – a little humorous departure from reality – and testing, playing with, and reading about anything to do with makeup. ¬†
What is one thing everyone should know about you?
People should know that I am a very passionate person.  Wether it be in the role of wife, mother, friend, Christian or artist, my passion is the driving force.  
Tell us one sentence to describe Pretty Faces by Sasha…
I want every woman to see the beauty that I see in each of them.  We are all so uniquely beautiful! 
How long have you been doing makeup, how did you get started and what has brought you to this point?
Ok, I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet. ¬†I have wanted to do makeup since I was a little girl. ¬†I still remember seeing that pink jar of Mary Kay cream in my mom’s bathroom and being so intrigued by the “magic” it possessed. ¬†I started doing makeup professionally when I moved from Michigan to Washington, DC in 2002. ¬†I worked for Clinique and then Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and grew with the company. ¬†I learned so much from my fellow artists, from Bobbi’s Beauty Team and from many training seminars; but I think I learned the most from my clients. ¬†They taught me what the average women wanted to learn (how do I apply my eyeshadow?), what her concerns were (my skin looks dull), what her expectations of makeup were (I want to look healthy, fresh, pretty); and I learned to LISTEN. ¬†Not just listen to what they are saying to me, but listening to what they weren’t saying. ¬†They wanted to look fabulous on their wedding day. ¬†They wanted to apply makeup in a flash and get out the door in the morning. ¬†They wanted to feel good about themselves. ¬†And that is what led me to where I am today. ¬†

I receive such joy from my clients when they look at themselves and say to me that they have never looked or felt prettier. ¬†That is worth it’s weight in gold! ¬†The past 12 years in the makeup industry has given me many joys; but the best joys that I carry with me are knowing that my client not only feels PRETTY. . . she BELIEVES it. ¬† ¬†
(These shots were when Jacinta looked in the mirror for the first time after getting her makeup done.  She LOVED it!)
What would be one tip you would give to everyone about doing their makeup?
I know this might be a bit of an un-exciting answer, but it’s the truth: ¬†if your skin is in good shape, the rest is a piece of cake. ¬†When you think about it, an ill-prepared canvas won’t produce an amazing painting, regardless of how good the painter is. ¬†If you care for your skin with weekly exfoliation and daily sunscreen and moisturizer, you are on your way to the prettiest you.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere! ¬†From numerous magazines, all of which my husband could do without seeing all over our house, to women at the grocery store. ¬†I also like to keep track of the color trends in fashion and makeup. ¬†My biggest source of inspiration is the client herself. ¬†If she’s got amazing eyes, you know what I am going to focus on. ¬†If she has beautiful lips, let’s play those babies up!
What is your most influential person in your life and why?
I would have to say my mom. ¬†She has always been a girly-girl but could also plant gardens and paint paintings with the best of them. ¬†She taught me to be true to myself and to follow my joy. ¬†My favorite saying she always told me was, “Bloom where you are planted.” ¬†With Pretty Faces, that’s just what I intend to do.
What is your goal for 2013?

My goal for this year is to get my Pretty Faces Blog up and running. ¬†I plan on featuring tips and advice on all things “pretty”. ¬†I have an idea in the works and I am so excited to share it with you all on my blog! ¬†I will need some “audience participation” so be on the look-out. ¬†Other goals are to have a great time with the brides and their bridal parties that are booked for this summer. ¬†I also want to do more classes with my clients, continuing to teach them makeup basics, application techniques, etc. ¬†¬†


Here are some shots of Sasha that I have to share:

Thank you Sasha Arnett for taking the time to interview with us!! ¬†We are so excited for your business, Pretty Faces by Sasha and I personally look forward to working with you! ¬†Please, share some love with Sasha in the comments right below this blog post. ¬†You can also go to her FB page at Pretty Faces by Sasha and share some love there too ūüôā


Gwen’s Sweet Valentine Smile {Fayetteville, PA Children Photography}

Gwen is one of my neighbors and I have to say I feel quite spoiled to have her and her family right next door! ¬†Besides them being super fantastic people, Gwen’s mom is a designer and has designed several marketing pieces for me and is currently designing some to give out to my customers on the different types of photography I do. ¬†I am super excited about it! ¬†Check her out here: Set The Tone Design on FB! ¬†I will post my marketing materials when they are done but that is for another blog post.

Take a look at Gwen’s sweet Valentine smile and our quick Valentine’s shoot. ¬†She truly has one awesome personality!


I couldn’t believe that Gwen did all of these next poses and I have to say she did quite well! ¬†She LOVES being a “model” ūüôā

These next shots are during her “concert” she gave to me and her mom. ¬†I am telling you she has got some talent! ¬†She literally sang a song that she made up for atleast 3-5 minutes. ¬†What a priceless moment for her mom ;’)

Here Gwen wanted to dress up as a ballerina…too cute ūüôā

We got lucky to have some snow shots!

Thank you Gwen, Jenny and Greg for allowing me to take her shots! ¬†It was so much fun and you truly have an amazingly talented girl! ¬†Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!