2017-2018 Senior Model Rep Team

This past year I was honored and blessed to have such an awesome group of model reps!  We had so much fun doing a vintage style shoot, county fair and this session that you will see below.  I have gotten to know each model more through out their time modeling and I have to say they are some good hearted ladies!

Here are a few shots from our last shoot.  We got lucky as it wasn’t as cold out as it could have been.  Loved the location and how the sun was shining in a lot of the shots.

Take a peek into our session…

2017-2018 Model Rep Team

Paige Harbaugh

Caitlin Eshleman

Abbie Reichelderfer

Megan Beam


Sierra Collette

Kylie Eby

Cayris Wright

Lauren Gabler

Thank you all for an amazing year!  My best to you and your future!

Steph Stahl’s Maternity Session {Maternity Photography, Chambersburg, PA}

Steph Stahl’s Maternity Session {Maternity Photography, Chambersburg, PA}

If you know Steph Stahl you know that she loves snow!  Well, I do also and after having a blizzard come to Chambersburg, PA with over 30″ of snow I knew Steph would be super happy that we could do a maternity session before having her third.  I was more than excited to do this session for her and it was beautiful!  Take a look at some of my favorites…  Continue reading

Time to Yourself = More Creativity {Photography- Personal Blog}

Time to Yourself = More Creativity {Photography- Personal Blog}

Today, I am writing about a subject that I feel is super important not just for photographers.  You may think its selfish and a waste of time especially if you are already busy but I beg you to revisit that thought.

2015 has been so amazing for my business!  I was blessed with photographing some dream weddings and all of them were destination weddings.  One was in Alabama!  I was humbled and kind of in awe of what came of this past year.  God truly surprised me and those who are reading this who are my clients, THANK YOU!  Seriously,  I am not just saying this. Continue reading

Oliver 5 Days Young {Chambersburg, PA Newborn Photography}

It was surprisingly sunny on this wonderful newborn session day in Chambersburg, PA as it had been so cloudy. I was super excited to do this shoot as I just love newborns! Oliver was just as adorable as I thought he would be. When I first got to hold him I couldn’t help but selfishly hold him a little longer than I should as he kept staring into my eyes like he was truly trying to find out who I was. I was captivated by his gentle peace and amazing sweetness. Amanda and Chris are so blessed with a wonderful home and a 15 month old Kinzee! She is full of life and heart melting smiles. I was in for a wonderful session and as you will see below it was a true blessing to photograph this wonderful family!!

Kinzee was just too cute during this shoot!  Capturing her was so fun!! 🙂


Oliver was bright eyed and I was so excited to see his eyes open for his photos!

Daddy’s love!  So evident in these shots!!

The love of a Mamma is so precious and golden.  Amanda’s heart shows through these photos…

This next shot I would call “Fierce Love”.

His hair!!

Congrats Wong family and welcome little Oliver 🙂


Bennett Is 6 Months! {Greencastle, PA Family Photography}

I have had the privilege of photographing Bennett and his parents since he was born.  What a wonderful family!!  Bennett is so full of joy and has a fun personality already 🙂

Frieda and Bryan have been a pleasure to work with and are lucky to have such a sweet little man!

Take a look at some of Bennett’s photos from his 6 month photo session in Greencastle, PA:

Look Mom!  I caught a cat!! lol

What a handsome little guy!

Those eyes!!

This next shot was so funny of Bennett and his Dad!

Frieda and Bryan you have a beautiful family!! I look forward to Bennett’s 9 month session!